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We are a legal, financial and technology consultancy firm with a cross-disciplinary approach

At The Lighthouse Team we offer services to guide your business to success.

Many destinations, a single course: the best solution

At The Lighthouse Team we help entrepreneurs and organisations chart the course of their projects, to define new business horizons and focus on legal security, knowledge and technology.

We collaborate in the creation of business models, accompany them in the development of growth strategies and promote “agitation processes” as a way to drive innovation in any type of organisation.

We can’t navigate for you, but we will help you set the right course.

In search of transformative realities

We are lawyers, technology consultants and economists. We apply innovative methodologies with the aim of defining and designing transformative solutions in an agile and structured way for organisations to generate greater economic and social impact and value.

We accompany different types of clients on their journey:

  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Family businesses and SMEs
  • Large business corporations
  • Foundations and other non-profit organisations
  • Universities, science parks and research centres
  • Incubators and accelerators

We are a guiding light for your business opportunities through our services

Strategy and legal development

To ensure your business fits into a flexible, transformative, and secure legal framework.

Business development

Discovery, ideation and generation of transformative solutions for any business project.

Global innovation

Agile solutions and use of useful tools and methodologies to anticipate and adapt to new realities in search of a greater social impact.

...and he knew no man was ever alone at sea.

Ernest Hemingway

There is no substitute for lack of foresight and knowledge of how to act in bad weather

Peter Blake

Unfathomable mind, now beacon, now sea

Samuel Beckett

The values that drive us

At The Lighthouse Team we put our work and efforts into finding solutions for our clients and partners. Our values are not just words, they are the principles we believe in and on which we build the services we offer.

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